An invitation, dated July 6, 1948, to meet and present the Juniper Hills and Cima Mesa Community Association organizational materials was received by property owners.  The first meeting was held at the home of Noel Neal (the rock house south and east of the present Juniper Hills Community Association property. The first bylaws of the Association were approved at this July 10, 1948 meeting.


The first Directors, listed on the June 16, 1948 Articles of Incorporation were Bert Colbeck, J. Matay, S.T. Adderton, Ed De Long, Edward E. Debs, Robert J. White, and G.M. Cuthbertson.


Eventually, on August 10, 1949, G.M. and Elizabeth Cuthbertson deeded the property, where the Community Building now stands, to the Juniper Hills and Cima Mesa Community Association


In 1952, a joint meeting of the Juniper Hills and Cima Mesa Community Association and the Juniper Bowl Association was held to sign a joint agreement between the two groups for the purpose of planning for future development of the Juniper Bowl.


In September 1956, a well was drilled on the property, producing 23 gallons per minute.


On December 12, 1959, the community approved a request that the name of the association be officially changed to Juniper Hills Community Association in an Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation.  This document was signed by Roy L. Bull, President, and Patricia M. Ulman, Secretary, and notarized by James H. Fulcher.  Recognition by the Secretary of State is dated January 11, 1960, with the final certificate on file dated July 24, 1962.


Over the years, slowly and step by step, the 5000 square foot building was constructed, which includes a main hall, two restrooms, kitchen and storeroom. 


The bowl went through a similar process, developed from dirt seating, to wooden benches and ultimately to the cement benches now in place.  The entertainment area was originally dirt with a grape stake backing, and evolved to the brick and concrete raised stage of today.  The buildings include a ticket booth and a food service bar.

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